I'm a hyperactive fashionista with a nomadic spirit that leads to adventures spanning all corners of the planet. I believe that a full life stems from the cohesiveness of understanding the intricacy of the world and how it impacts me as a person. Communication is my passion, and I'm inspired by the way people can connect to one another. That sense of relationship becomes a rhythm, a movement, and a feeling that makes the world a more vibrant place. Bun-Girl is a space where I can post my reflections, adventures, and musings in hopes that maybe a story or two will inspire you to reach for your craziest dreams. Life is magic. I love feedback, so feel free to drop me a line under the "find me" tab.


A Bun-Girl isn’t afraid of making a statement, staying inspired, or being a strong woman.  She chases dreams and plots adventures.  Thinking out of the box is her forte, as she dares to be bold. Through an explosion of spirit, Bun-Girl lets her presence be known. She’s an eternal learner, and uses the art of experience as a power source to build her sense of self. She walks out of the door every morning with a bright smile on her face, because she knows that the possibilities for today are infinite. After all, anything can happen.